My artistic approach

As watercolorist, as was so well said by Baltus, "I am looking for beauty”, which for me is the essence, the transparency of the Truth, and the image of the Good."

I seek balance:
- from the geometry that governs all things and structures the Universe (Divine Proportion, The Golden Number, The Rules of Art
- from the harmony and rhythm of colors, shapes and silences, emptiness and fullness.

Perhaps more than anything else, I am looking for the light.

These three elements together into a picture should bring an emotion and a deep joy, well-being and a serenity to anyone who considers it. I also believe in the therapeutic virtues of painting through the energy of love which emits.

This is the reason why I do not focus on originality...
The landscape is the kind of painting that I really enjoy. Whether real or internal, imaginary or dreamlike, it offers endless possibilities and fully satisfies my personal quest. In addition to the three aforementioned elements, I try each time to add an atmosphere or a particular vibration to offer an extra emotion. I never get tired of painting! However I tend to purify more and more, in order to stay in the essential, in the absolute that merges into the ALL.

Second part of my pictorial approach: the intuitive and inspired oil painting. (See website:

I followed the teachings of Patricia Carron who chose this wonderful tool that is oil painting, to help us discover our creative potential by strengthening our confidence in ourselves, (something difficult for many of us!) For me, the greatest difficulty was to drop everything that I knew, everything I was teaching for years, and let it come ... ... without the will of the mind, without waiting for the result! In fact, to be in « wanted », and no longer in the « wanting »...!

Simply be, without artifice ... This is not easy! But when we let go, extraordinary things happen that will surprise us. The oil painting allows this dialogue with our subconscious, with our soul, because beyond the visible world, there is a whole universe which is part of us, a world of unexpected unfolding, which allows us to move forward.

I sign my new inspired paintings by the name of JOYA, which is my soul-name and perfectly suits my new creations.

Today, I am able to transmit this pictorial approach that leads (after a long journey anyway) to a profound well-being of the person. This well-being radiates from inside out. That well-being is called joy.

Joy is the path...